Sunday, February 7, 2010


Blah! pretty much sums up how I have been feeling lately. I feel bad about complaining because of everything that is going on in the world today- earthquakes, child hood cancer, sick babies, death, brain injured children... I feel blessed and thank God for everything I have in my life but am still feeling tired and stressed. The economy has finally hit our business and has hit it HARD! People have simply stopped making their payments. I am going to have to go out and get a job. I dont mind working and will do whatever it takes to take care of Aidan. However, I REFUSE to be a parent that leaves him in daycare all day every day and just trust that he is being taken care of and looked after properly. Therefore I am looking at jobs in Preschools and daycares where I can at least be in the same building with him and check in on him. I filled out an application at a Preschool on Friday. I just sat in my car and was looking around the area. The preschool is in a very poor area. I would venture to guess that 80% of the people in the area are on welfare. The school looked ok but the area was TERRIBLE! I was just thinking this is NOT my life. My last job was in Orange County for peets sakes at a school that had peek a boo ocean views!!!!! I am missing California TERRIBLY right now. I am SICK of the snow and nasty weather. If I hear one more person say "I seen it" or any other grossly misuse of grammar I think I will SCREAM!!! Dont get me wrong- I realize I am not Miss Perfect when it comes to using proper grammar but always attempt to correct myself. These are "educated" people that I hear talking like this! I am also missing my hubby. In short I am seriously thinking of going back to California when my class is finished in May. This is just not working out...

I have no cute pictures to share and I apologize for the whining and complaining. Like I said there is so much going on in the world that it breaks my heart. This post is about getting real . Period.

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