Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt and Soccer

Yesterday we had a really busy day. We started the day at an Easter Egg hunt with a new moms group that we joined. I think we are really going to enjoy it as they have several activities every week! Tomorrow morning we are meeting up with them at a park to fly kites. There are lots of kids in the group that are around Aidans age.

Yesterday afternoon Aidan had his first soccer practice! He has been looking forward to it since I signed him up last month! He had a GREAT time. It was so cute to watch the 3 and 4 year olds. I LOVE his coach. She was really high energy the entire time and changed activities every couple of minutes. Everything she did was turned into a "game" and the kids loved her. She is just what Aidan needs! She most DEFINITELY already knows Aidan's name as she had to keep saying it every couple of minutes to redirect him. lol! I think he was just so excited to be there and it was a new environment and he just wanted to do his own thing and had a difficult time paying attention. I think if she can get him to pay attention and focus he will be a good little soccer player one day. :0)

Easter Egg Hunt

Coach Colleen.

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