Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boy Toys

In just one month my boy has gone from wanting to be this cute little mouse for halloween.....

to this gosh awful thing......
How did that happen????? I will tell you- it was innocent.

Let me back up and say that I think in the past 4 years Aidan has gone through a couple of transitions or "phases" when it comes to toys. The first transition was when he was 2 from the cutesy baby toys to everything Thomas. This transition was easy enough. I mean Thomas is cute and they have lots of cool Thomas characters and merchandise. Who doesn't love a cute little train? The second transition was from Thomas to Hot Wheels when he turned 3. Cars I can live with. Afterall, the car section of the toy store is not that bad. I was happy for him to play with his little hot wheels. Also, they have all the cute Disney Cars stuff out right now which isn't bad at all! And then we have that dreaded aisle in the toy store that I have been avoiding since I found out we were going to be parents to a son. The aisle that makes me shudder just looking down, the one with all of the action figures and ugly looking robot looking thingys. YUCK!!! What DO boys see in those things?????

Last week when we went to West Virginia my very good friend Sheri innocently enough introduced Aidan to the world of Transformers. She gave him a present of 2 "fighting transformers". He LOVES them and has played with them every day! *sigh* We received a costume magazine in the mail the other day and "be still his heart", Aidan spied with his little eye "Optimus Prime"- his favorite Transformer. He immediately declared that he would be OPTIMUS PRIME for Halloween! Oh for gosh sakes..... can someone please tell my almost 4 year old that he is still little and to stop growing up so quickly!

So today I went shopping for Aidans birthday and made my first trip down that dreaded aisle.... and got Aidan a real Optimus Prime that actually transforms into a big rig. *sigh*. I know he will love it and it was probably my first of many trips down that awful aisle. At least he STILL plays with his train table everyday ( when we are home) and his beloved little cars. I guess a Transformer here and there won't be that bad.... and I can slowly adjust to the "ugly boy toys". :)

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