Tuesday, July 19, 2011

living in a hotel....

ok not really.....

We went to West Virginia last weekend for a visit. It was GREAT to catch up with old friends and to have a night or 2 of adult time while Aidan stayed with my mom.

One of the things we did was to catch up with our friends Suzanne and Jacob. They have finally moved back to West Virginia from California. We met them at Suzanne's church on Friday evening for Vacation Bible School. It had been going on all week and it was the last day. They had the daily opening session with singing, bible verses, etc... in the sanctuary with all of the parents and children. All of the kids sat up front and everyone participated. One of the things the leader did was to talk about the money they have been raising all week for the homeless. She reminded the kids that not everyone has a home. At which time my child raises his hands and stands up as to not be ignored. When she called on him he proceeds to tell everyone in the church "I live in a hotel" and she repeated (in her microphone) "you live in a hotel?". Aidan replies "yes and it doesn't have a refrigerator". OH MY GOODNESS!!! I was so embarrassed and just hid my face. I thought for sure they were going to hand me the offering on the way out because they thought we were homeless and living in a hotel. lol! Poor child is soooo confused. I guess because we were staying in a hotel for the weekend he thought that is where we were now living. lol! Mom asked me before we checked in on the way up if it had a fridge and I told her I wasn't sure. When we got there I asked the lady at check in if it had one and she said yes but when we got to the room it didn't. Aidan must have picked up on this so he added "and it doesn't have a refrigerator". oh that child of mine.... lol!

I am helping with Vacation Bible School this week at my moms church. I can't wait to see what he tells this group of people. lol!

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rider said...

I was at the opening session with daily verses, singing the sacred. On campus with both parents and children. Sat all the kids in the line of attack and all participated. He was one of the things that are not the leader to talk about the money that was raised every week for the homeless.