Tuesday, October 18, 2011

oh my poor blog!

Oh my poor blog- how it has been neglected! I just haven't been in the "blogging groove" lately. I guess I can blame it on facebook. I post almost everything on facebook so it just seems like I am repeating the information twice. However, I am doing this for Aidan so I will continue. :)

So here is what we have been up to..... First off I have been one SICK mama for the past week and a half. Fever up to 105, nasty cough, dizziness, tiredness, etc... I'm not sure what kind of funk I have, but it is kicking my butt. I am about 65 percent better but have a ways to go. I just need to take baby steps. Clinton is thankfully home and has been such a champ! He has been basically taking care of aidan - taking him to therapy, getting his meals, bathing him, taking him to the park, etc... while I have been out of commission.

Our friend Marc from the UK came and visited us the week before last. It was really a work related visit but we still got to go to the pumpkin patch and Disneyland. Marc is really a lot of fun and just one of the nicest guys. He really looked after Aidan and I when we were in London last year and Clinton was busy working.

Dr. Danny is another friend who is staying with us for a little while. He is a chiropractor and is opening a practice in California. Aidan absolutely LOVES Dr. Danny. :) They are huge buddies! He has been adjusting Aidan (and myself) and I can not BELIEVE the difference in Aidan's eating habits. He noticed that Aidan eats like a bird and told me that he could help with it. I was a little skeptical but it really worked! After about a week of adjustments I now have a child who comes to me and says, "mommy I'm hungry!" Music to this Mama's ears! :) He eats a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snacks in between. He doesn't always eat a huge meal but at least eats something!

Aidan is doing well in OT and PT. He really has fun in OT and enjoys going. I have noticed that he is more apt to pick up a crayon or marker and draw a picture these days. I'm not sure whether it is the OT that is working or school, but I like it!

Now on to some pics.....

Aidan and Marc at the Pumpkin Farm....

On the hay ride.... This is the face I get a lot of these days when I go to take a picture. NOT a great look.

riding the inflatable slide at the pumpkin farm....
Our WET day at Disney.... We wanted to visit Disney while Marc was still here. The only day we could really do it was a Wednesday. I checked the forecast and it was supposed to start raining at 2pm. Our plan was to get there when the park opened and stay there as long as we could take the rain. It was POURING buckets when we got there when the park opened. We decided to go in thinking that it would rain for a little while and then stop. WRONG! It poured buckets ALL DAY LONG!!! for 7 HOURS we were in the rain! It was actually pretty fun. No one complained and our faces were hurting by the end of day from smiling. Aidan was protected in his bubble and all the rides were EMPTY! However, I have to admit that this may be where I got sick- we went on Wednesday but I didn't get sick until Sunday so I'm not sure.

Aidan in his bubble...
playing in Toon Town
Aidan and Goofy. I learned something on this trip to Disney. Did you know that Goofy is part human and part dog and Pluto is just a dog? Hence, Goofy wears clothes and Pluto does not. Ha! who knew?

Dr. Danny- It was his first trip to Disney EVER! I can't believe he has 3 teenage boys and had never been to Disney. He says it is because he didn't let them watch tv when they were growing up so they were a little clueless about it.
Danny and Marc are both TALL men so they kneeled down so they wouldn't tower over Mickey. except Mickey decided to kneel down also.
The Swaine family looking like drowned rats.

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Helen said...

I always wondered why Goofy spoke and Pluto just barked! Thanks for clearing that up :)Happy I found your blog!