Friday, October 28, 2011

on the mend....

I mentioned in my last post that I was sick. I decided to go to the doctor last Friday and as it turns out I was really sick! He took one listen to my lungs and decided that I needed to be hospitalized. Of course I attempted to negotiate with him so I wouldn't have to be admitted. He agreed to run some tests. He found that my oxygen levels were down in the 60's and that I was really dehydrated. At that point it was "do not pass go" and straight to the hospital I went where I spent the weekend. It turned out I did have pneumonia. I got re hydrated and he worked on clearing my lungs with breathing treatments and put me on an IV antibiotic. I promised to be a good girl at home so he let me go on Sunday. Thankfully as soon as my mom heard I was going to be in the hospital she offered to fly out the next day to help take care of Aidan. What a lifesaver and blessing she has been! I don't know what I would have done without her. Thanks mom! Even though I have been home since Sunday, I have been pretty useless all week. Just walking up the stairs takes my breath away and I have to lay down. The doc said it would take me another month to recover. I pushed it a little on Wednesday and took Aidan to our Moms group "trunk or treat". I was miserable the whole time and we were only able to stay for an hour. I had to come home and take a 2 hour nap afterwards. I think yesterday I turned a corner and started getting my energy back ( and holding down some food! yay!). Today I took Aidan to his Halloween parade at school AND went to Target! BIG day for me. lol! I haven't even had a nap today! I am definitely going to have to adjust my lifestyle for the next couple of weeks and not stay on the go like we normally do.

My mom leaves on Tuesday and I am definitely going to miss her... but not for long because Aidan and I fly to Tennessee a week later for our annual girls trip!

Here are some pics from this weeks activities...

Aidan dressed as an "american boy" ie. Native American for our Moms group Trunk or Treat.

I decided to dress up also (at Aidan's request) but was soon regretting it as I think the costume just made me feel worse.

Putting on a smile for the camera but feeling really really rotten.
Trunk or Treat!
Today at Aidan's "Halloween Parade" at school!
The parade going trick or treating through the principal's office.
Sensory table in one of the other classrooms. It had spaghetti noodles, eyeballs, and spiders in it.
Aidan's teacher- Ms. Lee
He decided to be "Optimus Prime" from the Transformers movie today.
Sensory boxes in another classroom...
Aidan exploring the eyeballs....

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