Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aidans new digs.....

Come on in and take a look....

 Oh, The Place You'll Go... I love that Dr, Seuss book. I have a copy of it and I had Aidans preschool teachers write in it as I will do with all his teachers and then give it to him at his high school graduation.
 Aidan is really into maps and globes... I threw a bean bag  and rug there to use as a cozy place to read.
 You can't really see the pictures. There is one of he and I and one of him and his dad on the day his adoption was finalized. The big one hanging above is what we used as a "guest book" at his party when we brought him home. The stuffed horse is the one that I bought for him and his birth mom when he was born, so she has one identical to it. :)
 another map...

His desk. I am going to convert his Stokke high chair into a regular chair to use there. His stuffed bears that his dad got him in London, his picture from VBS, his coal train made from West Virginia coal, his piggy bank and Violet. She plays music and he still listens to her every night while he falls asleep. Still my baby. :)
 A picture of the 3 of us and the Australian flag. It is the first thing you see when you walk in the door.

There is a night stand that you can barely see on the left. It has a book on it that my mom recorded for him and a bible that his grandma and grandpa in Australia bought him. See the steps? I thought it would be safer for him to use those instead of the ladder. Each step is a drawer! Talk about storage the kid has now!  About 3 times that of me and his dad combined! He has 14 drawers! Plus 2 in his desk.He went from having NO storage to to much! I think I am going to steal some of his storage space and put some of my stuff in it.:)

There you have it- Aidans new big boy room on the eve of his first day of Kindergarten.

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