Saturday, August 18, 2012

This past week included as much fun as we could squeeze in! We started with a movie seeing Alvin and the Chipmunks and a trip to the Birch Aquarium. We also spent a day at the beach and Legoland (again).We did a lot of school shopping and shopping for Aidan's new room.

 On Friday Aidan went to meet his teachers and see his new school. Up until now he has talked of being nervous about starting Kindergarten and apprehensive. Meeting his teachers and seeing his school really made him feel more comfortable and he is now excited! I too am feeling more comfortable. They had a session that just included the new parents and the director of the school and a session that included just the new parents and the teacher ( while the kiddos got to play on the playground and meet some new friends :) ) I talked to the teacher about Aidan's Occupational Therapy needs and she was very open and seemed more than willing to accommodate him. The overall atmosphere of the classroom is warm and friendly. The teacher said there are some really sweet boys in the classroom who are Kindergarten age ( there are ages 3 - 6 in his classroom). The boys have been together for 2 years now. She said the families have gotten really close and even vacation together. I am hoping we can get to know other families too and form some really great friendships. I was really starting to second guess my decision to send him to Montessori because our home school is such a great one, but Friday just reinforced my decision. :0)

Since Aidan is going to be a big boy in Kindergarten we decided that it was time for him to have a big boy room! I spent today painting and his new furniture is going to be delivered later. I can't wait to see the finished product! I haven't really had his room "put together" since his nursery. He has been sleeping on a mattress and box springs on the floor ( It made the transition from a toddler bed easier). He also has a hodge podge of furniture and nothing really matches. We bought him a nice bedroom suite with bunk beds and he is beyond excited. He is really into geography, maps, and globes so I am going with that as a theme. I will post pictures later.

Some how I only managed to get pictures this week of  our trip to the aquarium, so here you go.....

  Birch Aquarium in La Jolla Ca
 Playing with the boats.... It teaches locks and dams and how it affects the water flow. This was by far his favorite part.
 Hands on part
 Love this picture of his little hand.

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