Sunday, January 13, 2008

This past week

I am not sure where the time goes. I can't believe it has been so long since I have posted. I am not even quite sure what I have been doing this past week. Clinton has been in San Diego for the past week and a half and is coming home tomorrow night. Aidan and I did visit him there on Thursday. We had a "think tank" for our business. There were about 20 people there and I feel we got a lot of good work done. We brainstormed different ideas about marketing, coaching, etc... We discussed different resources.My main focus once we move to San Diego is to get Frontier Kids up and going. There were several people there at the Think Tank that are super excited about the idea and want to help me. Clinton and I feel so blessed to have so many people that are so excited about what we are doing and where the business is heading. We really feel God is blessing us right now in so many areas of our life.

I continued cleaning out our garage this week and took 5 boxes of "stuff" and about 10 bags of clothes and towels to GoodWill. Our garage still looks like it hasn't even been touched. Much of the stuff in the garage is equipment for Frontier Trainings and things are in general areas on shelves, but the place is still a mess. I still have more work to do.

Clinton and I just "adopted" our 50th child through the Christian Childrens Fund. We sponser kids throughout the world. I will have to post pictures of some of them some time. It feels good to know that each month we are helping 50 families throughout the world. It seems that every day we are getting letters and photos from them. We keep all of their photos on a bulletin board in our office.

Now on to our own munchkin... Aidan is doing fantastic. He is definitely keeping me on my toes. He is down to 2 naps during the day and is " on the go" when he is awake. Now granted he can only roll over and can't even crawl yet, but none the less he is still "on the go" or should I say has me on the go. He loves to explore and grab anything that is within his little hands reach. His favorite thing to go for right now is the t.v. remote. I think I am going to be in trouble once he starts getting mobile. I think I will have a child safety expert of some sort come to our house in San Diego and baby proof it before we even get moved in. There are some pretty scary stairs there and a balcony with slats that I need to do something about.

Aidan had a somewhat difficult day yesterday. He was very whiny throughout the day. He seemed to do better last night after I fed him some rice cereal and had a huge bowel movement. That poor kid only has a bowel movement every 3 days or so. When he does go I usually end up having to give him a bath because it is so bad. I hope things get better in that department once he is able to eat some real food. Today was beautiful so I took Aidan and Annabelle to the park. I can't wait until Aidan is old enough to feed the ducks and play on the equipment! But for right now I am just enjoying him being a baby!

I have to send props out to all of those single moms out there! Sometimes when it comes to the work load I feel like a single mom because Clinton works so much. I couldn't imagine being a single mom and having to worry about the financial side of it. I am learning that being a mom is tough work, although I am enjoying every minute of it. I am beginning to enjoy the time that Aidan is napping. I know that sounds terrible, but it is nice to be able to get some things done, like shower for example. LOL.


Suzanne said...

Yes being a single Mom, it is sometimes an overwhelming burden having to take care of the house/payments/bills, etc. Luckily my Little J-Man is so worth it! Hang in there while you're home 'alone'. Let's get together soon!

rebecca said...

I love the new pictures-2 teeth! I hope this works.

Atlanta Aunt said...

Hey I think it worked. You can teach old dogs new technology!