Monday, January 7, 2008

Finally some sun!

Finally the sun came out in So Cal! It has been rainy for for the past 3 das.I guess we are spoiled here because 3 days seemed like an awfully long time. Aidan and I stayed in all weekend and I was starting to get cabin fever. I am the type of person that likes to be out and about - I always have been. My mom used to say that I liked to " keep the roads hot" when I was a teenager. I just hate sitting at home.

Anyway, Aidan and I went out today. We went to brunch at IHOP, Target and Babies R Us. I got this Exersaucer for him today and he loves it! I think he loves the fact that he can be in a standing position and play and explore independently. The seat turns all the way around and he is able to face whichever way he chooses. He is really into grabbing and exploring these days. I think this will keep him entertained for hours! Of course I don't leave him in any position for longer than 20 minutes or so. I move him from the floor, to his swing, to holding him, etc... about every 20 minutes.

In March Clinton is speaking in Hawaii and is taking us with him. We are going to stay an extra few days and make a vacation out of it. I bought Aidan some outfits for the trip. I bought him a couple of pairs of swim trunks and a few Hawaiian shirts. Too cute!I love my Exersaucer!

A shirt just like the real surfers wear! I can't wait to spend time in the ocean and pool with Aidan.

Another pair of new trunks

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