Thursday, January 31, 2008

Joe and Jenni - Babysitters Extraordinaire

Aidan was feeling much better yesterday so we decided to reschedule our date. It was the first time we have left Aidan and he hasn't been with his Grandma or his Nana. Our friends Joe and Jenni babysat him. They did a terrific job and I think they had a good time too. They even sent me a picture of them having fun while we were at dinner.

Clinton and I had dinner at Maestros Ocean Club. It is a super nice restaurant on PCH. I had the filet and lobster mashed potatoes. They were the special of the day so there was no price listed. Clinton and I both just about fell out of our seats when we received the bill and the potatoes were $36.00! I mean $36.00 for potatoes? Clinton and I only visit that restaurant once maybe twice a year. But you can bet that I will never order those again. They were good but not worth it. After dinner we went to see the movie Juno. I loved it! I fell in love with the character of Juno and also the part Jennifer Garner played as the adoptive mom. I could sooo relate to her!

We had a good time being out for a little while away from our dear son. I missed him and of course worried about him, but it was something we needed to do. I think we will have to start having a date night more often. But next time we will skip the lobster mashed potatoes. getting ready to go out on date night!
The Milunas' - baby sitters extraordinaire! It's time to get busy yourselves guys!


Anonymous said...

I see Annabelle in the background thinking "What crazy ailment can I fake so that they will stay home??" -Cara

muminlaw said...

Dear Kelley,
After about 20 tries at posting and continually getting a message that says "incorrect password" I will have just one more try.
Glad that you had a good birthday eventually and wishing Aidan lots of kisses and cuddles for his 1/2 birthday. Helen

Atlanta Aunt said...

Happy Valentines Day to Aidan! Lots of hugs and kisses.