Friday, May 30, 2008

Fun at Gymboree

Aidan and I went to Gymboree for the first time today. How fun! Aidan had a ball. It consisted of "circle time" ( I hate to admit it but I almost started crying because I have lead so many circle times myself and now MY child was participating in one! but I got myself together so all the other moms wouldn't think I was crazy!) If I haven't mentioned it Aidan loves music so he was very into the songs -clapping his hands and giggling. Also, if I haven't mentioned it Aidan has become very active so he loved all the movement activities with mommy during circle time. He then had free time where he got to explore lots of different tunnels and play with the balls and crawl around the mat. They closed with goodbye songs, bubble play, and parachute play. Aidan was mesmerized by the bubbles. It was probably the only time he sat still the entire time.

It was really interesting observing Aidan when we first got there. This is the first time we have ever been in a setting where there were other babies and moms. Most of the babies were being very shy and sitting on their mommies laps. Not my child- he immediately crawled over to the baby beside of us and started "talking" to her. His eyes were filled with amazement like "Hey there are other little people like me". He made it his job to go and visit with every mom and baby there. I think I have a charmer and social butterfly on my hands.

It is getting very difficult to get a good picture of Aidan because he is always on the move. Here are my attempts from today and the past couple of days. This is to much fun mom!
Aidans first name tag - how cute.

watching the bubbles in amazement

Playing with the balls.

O.k. mom please put the camera down and come play with me.

Playing in the living room with his bag of blocks. He would much rather play with the bag than the blocks.

catch me if you can!

Oh you want me to pose - sorry it is just not going to happen I just don't do that anymore, I have to much to see and to many things to do.

Here I come!

Here I am!

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