Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day at the zoo

Clinton has a rare weekend off, so we decided to go to the zoo today. I have been wanting to come to the San Diego Zoo since I moved to Southern California 6 years ago. It was awesome experiencing another "first" with our sweet baby boy.

I also wanted to let everyone know that my baby slept longer than ever last night! He slept from 8:30 straight through to 7:15 YIPPEEEE!!!! Yeah we are at the zoo! Just up from a nap and raring to go.
Mommy and Aidan at the Pygmy Hippo exhibit. They were so cute.

Can you find Aidan in the aquarium?

Daddy getting some sweet lovin'

Waiting in line to see the Pandas.

Meet sweet Zhen Zhen. She is 10 months old just like Aidan. She is also a busy little baby just like Aidan and sooo fun to watch!

Daddy getting some sweet toe sugar.

You like my new hat? Mommy bought it for me because she says it fits better than my other one.

AAHH a peaceful sleep after a full afternoon at the zoo.

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