Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back Online!

I'm here at my new house!

I think it is really cool I have so much room to crawl, but mommy still has me blocked in so I can't go far.
One of the hiccups we have encountered is no air conditioning. It really wasn't a big deal until we had a heat wave. It was so hot in Aidans room I let him take a nap in his pack and play downstairs where it was still fairly cool. The guy was here today looking at it so he could fix it.

No more living with boxes everywhere. Yee Haw! Although Aidan thought they were really cool to use to pull up.

Yeah! I am finally back online and able to post. We have been here for 2 weeks and we just got internet connection today. Clinton has been using his air card, but I have been without service. I never realized how much I used the internet until I went without it. There were so many things that I thought " oh I'll just look it up on the internet - including directions which are much needed especially when you are in a new city- and then I remembered I didn't have it yet. What a great feeling to be back online.
Our move was successful with only a few hiccups and we are settling in nicely in our new digs. I only have a few more boxes to unpack and a few things to put in the attic. Somehow we managed to fill this entire house up which is 3 times the size of our townhouse. It just shows me how cramped we really were living. Its nice to have a "place for everything and everything in its place". It is also nice to be able to utilize our kitchen table again and not have stuff stacked in piles everywhere!

Aidan is adjusting to his new environment. He has plenty of room to crawl around and is loving it! He is pulling up on everything and cruising around the furniture. I don't think it will be long before he starts walking. He will walk with Clinton holding on to just one hand. Mom and I took him for his 9 month check up before we moved and he now is 30 inches tall and weighs 20 lbs
Annabelle is having a more difficult time adjusting. She is terribly allergic to something and has many sneezing fits throughout the day. She is also having problems with her neck again and has been whimpering around a lot. I gave her some of the medicine that I had left over from when she had neck problems last year and it seems to be helping. We have artificial grass here and we live on a huge hill with a hillside across the street from us. There is no place really good for her to walk and go potty. She has been forced to use the bathroom in the weeds and dirt which of course she hates. She just looks at me like "Why are you making me walk in the dirt?- you know I hate to get dirty" .
Mom went home on May 1st a few days before we moved and we miss her a lot! We are hoping she comes back for Aidans birthday in July!
I have 1200 emails to go through ( 95% which are junk mail) today. If you have emailed me and I haven't responded I apologize!

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