Friday, June 26, 2009

eggo sucks and open sesame street

a few days ago mom decided that she needed to return a pair of shoes ,so we drove the 2 hours to the Knoxville mall to return them. I let Aidan play while she was shopping. He always has such a good time playing in their playground. It is perfect for kids his age. However, this time he decided to run away from the playground and was half way down the mall before I caught up to him! That little stinker is fast. He got in so much trouble! Obviously I marched him back to the playground , we got our stuff and left immediately. That child still has NO FEAR and is not afraid to leave me one bit. He is testing me more and more ( typical 2 behavior) and is going to find himself in time out soon!
Since it was a longish drive I brought our DVD player so Aidan could watch Thomas and Dora. On the drive homeI heard " Eggo sucks". I asked Aidan what he was talking about. He pointed to the DVD player and said "Eggo sucks". Ohhhhh......... Diego is stuck! ( Diego was hanging by a rope from a cliff) I looove toddler talk it cracks me up!
My mom has Aidan believing that he has magic powers and can open the gate to her community, open garage doors, start gas fire places etc... He usually points his hand out and says "open sesame" and the door "magically" opens. When we got home that afternoon and were going through the gate he got confused and said "open Sesame Street". LOL!
Below are some pics taken before the running away incident.

here is one of poor Annabelle. I swear she has to be the most patient dog on the planet. Aidan is learning to share and take turns. He LOVES to share with Annabelle. As you can see he shared his leopard, stuffed kitty, Thomas book, and the doll cut out he got from the library ( the blue thing on her head!) LOL!

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