Monday, June 15, 2009


Summertime is here and I have just not been in the mood to blog. So here is a catchup blog of what we have been doing the past couple of months while at my moms house in Tennessee.

First off I helped my mom move to a new townhouse. It is much bigger and roomier. It is really nice and we are enjoying it. While the movers were here Aidan and I took a little vacation to visit Mikie in Roanoke Va. It was great to see her and Cameron and Jared! It was also nice to meet her husband Ryan. Mikie is expecting a baby girl in the fall.

Memorial Day my aunt and cousin came to visit us. We had a blast playing with the Wii , shopping, and eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts. YUM! I love being around family!

The week before last Aidan, Annabelle, and I drove to West Virginia to visit Cara and Sheri. We had a great time there and I realized just how much I miss being around good friends and West Virginia itself. So much so I am contemplating going back to Grad School at Marshall next year.

Saturday mom and I drove 2 hours to Blowing Rock NC where we took Aidan to see Thomas the Train. He is soooo into trains these days. Trains and Matchbox cars are his favs! His favorite train is "Duncan" and we were lucky enough to find him at Tweetsie Railroad.

In other news.... Aidan has decided to potty train himself. I havent really wanted to do it until we got back to Cali but he has other plans. This morning he took off his pajama bottoms and diaper and went pee pee in the potty all by himself! He has done this twice today so far. He is now wearing big boy underwear. We did this a couple of days ago and it did not go so well, so I put him back in a diaper. I thought I would wait until after he turned two. I guess he has shown me today that he is ready! We will see how it goes.

Now for some pics....

Chillin and watching Dora. His favorite show at the moment. Mothers Day

My new glasses. I finally got new ones after Aidan broke my old ones several months ago.

Watering the neigbors roses. Arent they beautiful!

Getting ready to go to the Iris Festival.

Sporting his new ride at the Iris Festival.

In Roanoke with his new friend "Captain". What a gentle and patient dog!

Aidan and Cameron

Memorial Day

Playing with Jacob in Huntington. Suzanne is visiting her mom also in West Virginia so the boys got to play together several days!

Sitting in a big boy booster seat. By the end of the meal he was in a high chair because it just didnt work out!

Playing at the train tables at the Tweetsie Railroad. He spent at least 2 hours playing with the trains!

Here comes Thomas! Poor Aidan was soooo sleepy that day. We thought he would nap on the way to see Thomas but he didnt. He wasnt able to take his nap until we were on the way home at 5:00! He normally naps at 11.

Playing in the Teepee at Tweetsie Railroad.

Playing with "Harold"- part of the Train Table set up.

Waiting in line to ride Thomas.

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