Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun at the Library

The weather has been really rainy here all summer so we have been looking for indoor activities. One of the things I found is "two time" at the local library. There is a really nice library here that has a little ampitheatre. They have story hour just for "two's". Aidan really enjoys it! Every week there is a theme. This weeks theme was "hats". The librarian read a couple of stories about hats, sang songs about hats, and some finger plays. The kids got to each wear a hat. Aidans was a cowboy hat! They then got to make a hat at the end. Aidan didnt do this because he was to interested in the train table they had set up in the library. LOL! That boy just looves his trains.

We also found that Barnes and Nobles has a really nice train table set up. We went there last night and Aidan played for close to an hour! I now know that I can go to Barnes and Noble get a good book and he will play independently for a long time! Sweet!

I posted some pictures of our time in Huntington

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