Friday, June 19, 2009

Today was Aidan Day!

This morning my mom declared that it was "Aidan Day". Which meant we did stuff all day long for him ( which is different from any other day I have no idea! LOL!) We started the morning off at the waterpark. Aidan can take or leave the water but he did have a good time. He spent most of the time walking around the blacktop and pointing out letters in signs. We did go down the minature water slide twice and he really liked it. I noticed today that there are A LOT of rednecks here in Tenessee ( Attention man who blew snot on the ground two feet from where we had our towels- that was NOT COOL and YES I did see you!). After the waterpark we headed to McDonalds ( Donalds as Aidan calls it) for lunch. After lunch we went home for a much needed nap, and when I say we I mean mom, myself, and Aidan.

This afternoon we took Aidan to the park at Warriors Path . This is by far my favorite park in the area and maybe even my favorite park period. There is a lot to do there and plenty of shade! Aidan met a very nice grandfather there who was there with his grandson who appeared to be around 3. Aidan played and played with the grandfather. It was a blessing for him to be able to have some time with a grandfather type. I keep teasing my mom and saying that Aidan needs a grandfather around so she needs to get remarried. She did NOT think this was funny! LOL!

We then headed to Chick Fil A for dinner. Aidan ate a great dinner! I have had problems with Aidan since he started on solid food getting him to eat well. It is a meal few and far between that he actually EATS and today was one of those days. I guess we wore him out today and the boy was starving. After he ate he got to play in the play area. We met a really nice family in there with 2 kids. The boy Jake was 1 day younger than Aidan and the big sister Gracie was great with Aidan. He played and played with those two sweet kids.

As soon as we got home tonight Aidan ate some ice cream ( cream as he calls it), took a bath, and passed out in the bed. AHHHH what a great ending to a great day!

Going down the slide.

Aidan kept running over to my mom and crawling all over her while he was soaking wet. He cracked me up.

I rented an innertube and it lasted about 5 minutes. They had a lazy river there and the current was so strong I just did not feel it was safe. Aidan actually slipped away from me once. After that I just carried him around in the water, which he LOVED!

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Wendy said...

We were at the same pool on Friday, but we didn't get there until about 1pm!! Too funny! are right about the rednecks, and that is a NICE pool. I have totally given up trying to meet any of the other moms there. I'm sure there are nice people, but most seem really unfriendly. We rarely see anyone there we already know....I don't know where everyone goes swimming. :-)

I just carry Zach around the lazy river....I just wish it wasn't so deep at the entry area.

Well, actually, we are off to the pool in about 30 minutes!!!