Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trick or Treating Round #2

Tonight was the official trick or treat night in this area. I took Aidan to Cara's mom and dads house in Charleston. West Virginians are really into Halloween ( at least based on my observations - Californians are no where near into the "community" that West Virginians are during this season). I love the sense of community that I got to experience tonight. Everyone in the neighborhood participates and sits at the end of their driveway handing out candy. Everyone gets really into it! Aidan had so much fun. This is really the first Halloween that he has any clue about what is going on. He really got into saying trick or treat and receiving the candy. He was the cutest puppy ever tonight. After we left there we went to my friend Sheri's Grandmothers house on the other end of town. Again, the entire community gets into it. They had close to 700 trick or treaters at her grandmothers house! I didnt get any pictures while I was there which was a shame because her daughter Lauren was the cutest "Jasmine" ever.

Aidan checking out Cara's moms goose ( cara's mom passed away last year from Leukemia). The goose has been around since Cara and I were roomates 15 years ago. It has outfits for every season and holiday and has a whole closet full of clothes! This year it was a scarecrow for Halloween. At one point I think we ( all of the room mates) were proud owners of miniature geese. One weekend Cara's coworkers abducted hers without her knowledge and took it on a road trip. They took pictures of it in various locations - kind of like the roaming nome- hilarious!

The Goose....

I just love Aidans puppy dog tail...

Getting some candy from Cara's dad Carl ( aidan calls him Carwel)

See - everyone gets into the action. There were probably a dozen dogs in costumes. Sadly, I forgot Annabelles ladybug costume in San Diego so she was costumeless this year.

The neighbor across the street sitting at the end of her driveway giving out candy.

Mommy taking Aidan trick or treating.

checking out the booty at the end of the night.

M's ( as aidan calls them)

My kids and I. Aidan looks like he is getting ready to cry but was just aggravated because I was holding him.

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