Friday, October 23, 2009

Trick or Treating Round #1

I took Aidan trick or treating last night at the "Capital Market". The Capital Market is the farmers market downtown. The weather was nice last night so I wanted to take him. It has been raining a lot here and I am afraid that it will be raining next Thursday when it will be the official trick or treat night. It couldnt have been more perfect for Aidan. It wasnt crowded and there were mostly smaller children there with only a few big kids. Aidan had so much fun! He thought it was so cool that people were giving him candy! He was content after the first Tootsie Roll and ate it immediately ( I had to wash his costume as soon we got home after it had been tootsie rolled- lol). He wanted to eat ALL the candy at the end of the evening but was happy just eating a sucker. We both just sat for awhile and enjoyed watching everyone walking around in their costumes. I just love fall and all the festivities that go with it! Its by far my favorite season- Especially in WV-the leaves are breathtaking now! Is this not the cutest puppy you have ever seen?

Look Mama a tootsie roll!

I love Pumpkins!

Hanging out eating his sucker watching the other kids. Notice the big string of drool.

Trick or Treating is COOL!

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