Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Pumpkin House

Like I mentioned in the last post , people around these parts really get into the holidays this time of year. About 15 years ago I worked with a Psychologist who told me that I needed to drive by her house that she and her husband decorated with hundreds of pumpkins. I did and it was a sight! Fast forward 15 years and I could not believe my eyes what it has transformed into! The Griffiths now decorate with not hundreds but THOUSANDS of pumpkins! There were probably a THOUSAND people there to see their house! It has turned into a whole community event. Everyone pitches in to carve the pumpkins. They were selling food and tshirts last night! They now use the inside of all the pumpkins to make pumpkin butter, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin cookies. All the proceeds go to the local food shelter. They have a huge wall set up beside their house that is 2 stories high and about 30 feet long. It is full of pumpkins with musical instruments carved into them. They play music and there is a light show choreograped with the music. So for example if there are brass instruments playing all the brass instrument pumpkins will light up. Truly spectacular! This year they even added a show. The news anchor from the local television station was there reading a story about the headless horseman. In part of the story she had everyone turn around and look. Across the river and up the mountain flood lights appeard and so did the headless horseman on a real horse of course. The Pumpkin House was even featured on the Ellen Degeneres show last year. The Pumpkin House has come a long way in 15 years. I dont know how they have the time to do it all. Sandy still works as a psychologist and her husband Rick owns a pharmacy and is the mayor of the town! One thing is for sure, they have really instilled a sense of community- which I LOVE! Thanks Rick and Sandy! Now for some pics which REALLY does NOT even touch what it is like to be there and experience it first hand. That is the moon behind their house.

Luckily Cara had a glow stick for Aidan to play with while we waited in the LONG line to see the house.

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