Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aidan gives up pap!

Today Aidan made a very big step and gave up his pap's! It all started this morning when he had his very first dental appointment. Aidan LOVED going to the dentist. I don't know what kid would NOT like to go see this dentist. He had video games in the waiting room and other toys and t.v. screens built into the ceiling above the exam chair with Disney movies playing. He also got a bag full of goodies and a balloon to top it all off. The dentist said that his teeth looked great but that he needed to ditch his passie. Sucking on it constantly is starting to effect his bite and his mouth is not closing properly. I jumped on the chance so it would be "the dentist" taking away his paps and not me. I told Aidan that the dentist said he was a big boy now and he didnt need his pap's anymore. I talked with him and he decided that he would like to throw his passies in the ocean ( Clinton went and fished them out and put them in the trash so we were not littering). We decided to make a big celebration out of the event. We went down to the beach, got rid of the paps and then Aidan had another "first"- His "first" trip to Chuck E. Cheese. He loved it and ran around like a wild man. It is amazing the marketing they use. Aidan has been asking to go to Chuck E Cheese for months now simply from watching commercials about it on tv. Clinton had a good time also. He discovered that he is really good a throwing a football! He didnt spend much time in an arcade as a child so he was also eating it up. Tonight the "passie fairy" will come and leave Aidan a surprise- hopefully sealing the deal. I have a sneaky suspicion that it may be a looong night but we will see! I caved this afternoon and gave him a pap when he was taking his nap- but let him know it would be the last time. Now I have no paps to give him. Wish us luck!

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