Monday, May 31, 2010

San Diego Zoo

Aidan and I went to the zoo this past week. It was a little crowded but the weather was perfect! I finally found the secret to getting from one side of the park to the other without walking what feels like miles. For the first time we took the Skyfari- which is just a gondola in the sky type thing. We havent been to visit the polar bear exhibit in a few years because it is on top of a HUGE hill. I just always reason that if we want to see the polar bears then we will go to Seaworld which is all flat. The skyfari picks you up just outside the childrens part of the zoo and drops you off close to the polar bear exhibit. SWEET! This time I just left Aidans stroller at the Childrens zoo but I found out you can even take strollers ON the skyfari. Now I know we can take the Skyfari and then walk our way back to the front of the park.

I renewed our membership so I got a couple of free passes. Jacob and Suzanne are coming down this week so we can take the boys. Aidan and I have been spending Sundays in Orange County. We go to church and then play at Suzannes and Jacobs house. Yesterday we had a fun day at the pool but as usual I forgot to take pictures.

Tomorrow Aidan starts swim lessons. I am so excited and just hope he does ok. They are survival swim lessons so basically the instructor will be teaching him what to do if he falls in - flipping on his back and floating and eventually making his way to the side.

Here are some pics from our day at the zoo.

Riding the Skyfari...

Aidan had so much fun playing in this stream of water. He LOVES jumping in puddles whenever he sees them.

At the polar bear exhibit. Standing besided an adult size polar bear. I really didnt know they could get this big.

Standing beside a 3 month old polar bear.

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