Monday, May 3, 2010

update on Aidan

Since I am using this as Aidan's baby book of sorts I thought I would give a little update about him...

Aidan is now 33 months old. He is a lively, active, spunky, inquisitive, active, smart, active, loving, beautiful, curious, handsome, huggable, hilarious, funny, imaginative "almost 3 year old". Did I mention that he is active? Aidan loves to be ON THE GO! He loves exploring and figuring out how EVERYTHING works. He is so smart and has a memory that is unlike anything I have seen. I am so glad that it is Spring because he loves being outside. He loves collecting rocks and sticks. He also loves looking at bugs and caterpillars, playing in sand and dirt, stopping to watch the birds and listening to them sing, rolling in the grass, and being in nature in general. At the park he loves the swings the most and climbing on EVERYTHING. I have made a water table for him and he absolutely LOVES playing in water. He is really into pouring water between 2 containers, experimenting with "sink" and "float", and "making" lemonade and other drinks and treats. He is able to pedal his tricycle but does not particularly enjoy it. He prefers to use his feet to scoot along on it.

He is also into numbers and letters right now. He knows all of his letters AND sounds. He really makes an attempt to read. I haven't really encouraged this because I dont feel it is developmentally appropriate for a 3 year old to read ( more on this in the next post- since taking my class this Spring I now have a clear philosophy of Early Childhood Education.). Aidan counts to 20 but not consistently. He is showing signs that he understands 1 on 1 correspondence. He loves to count all kinds of different things. He is almost obsessed with numbers right now. As Aidan says "there are numbers EVERYWHERE". When we are driving he loves to find numbers in the environment including exit numbers, numbers on trucks, signs, and buildings. He is so funny. One time we were driving and he told me that he wanted to go to "number 12". It took me awhile for me to realize that he was talking about the mall that is off of Exit 12. I really have to stay one step ahead in order to keep up with him. lol!

Aidan has an extraordinary vocabulary right now. The boy LOVES to talk! Not only does he have a great vocabulary but he understands things like behind, under, over, around, in front, etc... One of my favorite things is if you ask him how old he is he says "Im almost 3". I took him for an orientation at the preschool he will be attending in the fall and the director was really impressed with him.

Aidan loves to have books read to him. We literally have books in every single room of our house. He grabs them sporadically throughout the day for me to read. His favorite books right now are Chicka Chicka Boom Boom ( a book about letters- lol), a Sesame Street lift the flap book (that has been his favorite for a year now) and a Richard Scarry Book that we refer to as "the goldbug book"- it is like "where's Waldo "but is " where's goldbug". He also has several books that are "my first ABC's", "my first truck book", "my first word book" etc... I love these books because they have "real" pictures of the objects they are naming. I really contribute these books to his high vocabulary. He has enjoyed them since he was just a little baby. One day Cara picked him up from school and as they were driving he said " look Cara, a car transporter"- this is a result of reading "my first truck book"- over and over and over.

Aidan still loves Thomas the Tank Engine and loves playing with his train table. He is also starting to get into Disneys " Cars" movie and characters. He loves playing with all types of different cars and trucks right now. His favorite shows on t.v. right now are "Super Why", "Word World", " Dora the Explorer" and "Caillou". His new recent favorite is "Umi Zoomi"- this is a show that focuses on premath skills.

Aidan does not particularly enjoy doing things that involve fine motor skills. We are working on it but it doesnt really interest him. I have been bad about letting him do "messy" things like playing in shaving cream or painting but am going to be doing more of these activities this summer.

Here are some pics of Aidan I took a few weeks ago. We have 2 huge Willow trees in our yard. They are so pretty now they have bloomed. Aidan loves to pull on them and pretend he is a pirate.

notice the rocks and sticks... I cant tell you how many rocks and sticks I have found in my house.

"arrgh Matey"....

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