Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Clinton and I really wanted to take Aidan camping this summer. However, our camping gear is SOMEWHERE in storage and we didn't want to buy new gear. We decided on a day trip to Catalina instead. Aidan and I went up on Sunday and spent the day with Suzanne and Jacob ( pics from that day in the next post). Clinton met us Sunday evening and we spent the night at Newport Beach - oh how I miss that place! It felt like being "home" when we were there. We got up early yesterday morning and caught the ferry to Catalina from Newport. There were 2 lifetime members of Frontier Trainings on board. What a small world! One from the UK and one from Northern California. The two are now a couple and met at one of Clintons trainings. They were very nice and Aidan had a fun time playing with them on board the ferry.

We had a really fun day. There is something about being on an island that just makes you slow down and relax. We took a tour of Avalon, let aidan play at the playground and beach, and took a submersion tour. I was worried how Aidan would do on the tour since you are basically in a submarine. We signed up for the glass bottom boat tour but the Captain called in sick so they upgraded us. Aidan did terrific and it was really cool to see all the beautiful fish and Seaweed forests. I had no idea that they could grow to be 300 feet tall! It was literally a mountain of Seaweed! Another interesting fact we learned yesterday... Just about everyone who lives on the island drives a golfcart. The wait is 18 years to bring a car over from the mainland!

It was a fun day and we had a chance to spend some great family time together!

standing in front of the ferry- The Catalina Flyer. It was chilly when we first got there!

We stopped on the way into town to let Aidan play at the playground. This is the view from the playground. Notice all the golf carts!

playing at the playground

view of the Casino building -which is not actually a casino at all.

taking a break walking back from the Casino

Go herd! There are actually a herd of about 15o bison on the island. They were brought there in the 50's or 60's for the filming of a movie and were just left there. Their herd has grown over the years. They stay in the interior and never venture into town.

Tour of Avalon. Overlooking Avalon and the bay...

Mr. Independent sitting by himself on the tour.

Finally warm enough to hit the beach!

Submersion tour

on top of the submarine...

2 tired boys on the boat ride home....

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