Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Aidan and I have been going to Orange County on Sundays so we can go to Saddleback for church. I have been reaalllly enjoying our time in Orange County. I miss it so much! This Sunday we stayed in San Diego so we could visit Clinton at work for Father's Day. He has been running events for the past two and half weeks and has been working 18 - 2o hour days. I appreciate how hard he works for us but needless to say Aidan and I haven't seen much of him. We do visit him occasionally but we really dont get to spend any time with him because he is working. I wanted to make sure that Aidan got to see his dad on fathers day so I bought a cake for 60, purchased a balloon and some cards and headed on down to surprise him. Aidan did get to spend about 10 minutes playing with him outside. The cake was a hit and was totally devoured in 10 minutes! Today is the last day of his event so bring on the family time!!!!

We love going to where Clinton runs his events. Marina Village is so beautiful! Most of the time the complex is totally empty and we have the whole place to ourselves. It is a popular place for weddings and wedding receptions so Fridays and Saturdays are pretty entertaining there. I cant tell you the number of weddings aidan and I have experienced there while visiting Clinto! Last Friday night was really fun! There were about 5 receptions going on at the same time. There was one Polynesian reception right beside our event. They had male and female hula dancers. There were a ton of kids there and Aidan got to run around and play tag and red light green light with them. Poor aidan- he seeks out kids wherever we go so he can play with them. I do my best to take him places where he can play with other kids because he is so outgoing and enjoys socializing so much.

I bought this outfit at Janie and Jack- one of my favorite stores! They are having a GREAT sale right now!

playing with dad for a few minutes on Fathers Day.

The cake for 60 that was gone in a flash- I have honestly never seen EVERYONE want some. I'm glad they enjoyed it!

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