Saturday, June 26, 2010

Swim lessons and Java Mama

We finished Aidan's 4 weeks of swim lessons yesterday. It was quite the experience. He really enjoyed it the first day but after that cried just about every lesson. However, he was always proud of himself after the lesson and talked about how he kicked his feet and moved his arms. Ms. Natalie was really great with him. She asked if I was more concerned with his emotional well being or him gaining the skills. Of course I said his emotional well being. She could have pushed him more but I wanted him to have some happy memories of swimming. He did great yesterday! He got in without a tear and did really well. I am so proud of him! He always did his very best! He is now able to float, kick his legs, and pull his arms with assistance. Maybe next year he will start full fledged swimming. Each lesson he had the opportunity to earn a star stamp for something he did really well and a "happy swimmer" stamp. He earned his star stamp every time and started earning his happy swimmer stamp about a week and a half ago. We had a celebration at Chuck E. Cheese the first time he earned his happy swimmer stamp. He really had to work to earn that one!

We found a really cool cafe near swim lessons called Java Mama. We both LOVE it there. For a small fee you can leave your child in the supervised play area. Mama is able to drink coffee, read, catch up with friends, etc... while your child is happily playing. They have seats all around the perimeter of the play area so you can also keep an eye on your child f you wish. As I mentioned Aidan loves it there. We were driving there one time and he kept saying "Im looking for E3". I had no idea what he was talking about until we arrived. Sure enough there was an E-3 above the door. The child is so smart and doesn't miss a thing.

Dear Anonymous- Thanks for your comment. However, I think I know my child better then you do. He was most definitely NOT bored at the show. Of course I knew he didnt really need to go to the potty. Also, we will be better prepared next time for the water area. It was the first time the water was running for the season. Also, Aidan hasnt really shown much interest in the water area in the past so now we know. Next time please sign your name. Thanks.

There are a couple of videos at the bottom of Aidans lesson yesterday. You may have to scroll down to see them.

Ms. Natalie put flippers on Aidan for a couple of lessons. At first he didnt like them but ended up enjoying them in the end. They really helped him to kick. Aidan literally had no movement under the water with his legs until he started using the flippers.

learning to float. This was an earlier lesson. You can see his legs arent out straight and he is holding on to Ms. Natalie. Yesterday he did some perfect floating!

can you see the E-3? He is one of the most observant children I have ever seen.

Playing at Java Mama. We LOVE Java Mama!

You may have to scroll down to see the videos....

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