Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun at the fair!

The San Diego County fair started last week so I decided to take Aidan this evening. I prepared him this morning that after he woke up from his nap we were going to the fair. Of course he asked "what's a fair?" - he is really into "why is the sky blue ?"type questions these days -so I explained it to him. For some reason he was REALLY excited about going. As soon as he woke up from his nap at 5:00 he said " I get to go to the fair now!". We packed up and headed out. I packed some carrots and grapes for him to eat in the car before we got to the fair where I knew we would be eating dinner and there was a bunch of junk- more on that in a second....

We had a great time. It was pretty crowded because KC and the Sunshine band ( I think they have been playing fairgrounds since I was 2 years old - lol!) were playing there tonight. We had to park far away but luckily they had a tram we could ride to the entrance. Aidan said "this is like Disneyland" and yes it was. Once at the entrance they made us go through a metal detector. They had bins there to put all your loose change, cameras, keys, etc... I turned around and Aidan had taken off his shoes like we were at the airport. lol! It WAS very similar to going through security at the airport but we did not have to remove our shoes. You can tell the little boy knows the drill and has flown a time or two. lol!

Once inside we first came to the animal section with sheep, cows, goats, etc... Aidan could care less. We kept walking and BINGO! there was a car dealership there with some cars! Aidans idea of heaven!! He LOVED looking at normal boring regular cars. He kept running from car to car examining it and attempting to get inside. Boys will be boys I guess. My dad would be soooo proud! I attempted to bribe him with a PONY RIDE but it was a no go- he could care less about the horses and was REALLY into the cars.

Finally after he had his fill of the cars we grabbed a hot dog for dinner. While we were eating he decided that he DID want to go on the pony ride. After we ate I purchased a ticket so he could ride. It came his turn to get on the horse and he FREAKED out! There was NO WAY he was getting on that horse. Luckily I was able to get my money back.

We then moved on to the kiddie rides. I bought $20.00 worth of tickets because he did so well at Disney last time riding all the rides and thought he would really enjoy it. WRONG! He rode some little boats that he loved. We then moved on to the cars. We got the number 43 Richard Petty car! Woo hoo! He went once around the little track and started FREAKING out again. They stopped the ride so he could get off. At least I got a picture of him in the car. lol! For the rest of the night he would only ride the little boats and the carousel- which was fine by me, I justed wanted him to use up all the tickets so we could get out of there. They had elephants there you could ride and I REALLY wanted him to do it because selfishly I wanted to ride myself. There was NO WAY I was going to get him on that HUGE elephant!

It has been a long time since I have been to a fair and MY OH MY I couldn't believe the food selections! I know fairs have a lot of junk food but THIS was a little over the top. They had one place that served chocolate covered bacon and deep fried butter! Talk about a HEART ATTACK! They also had deep fried frog legs, avocado, poptarts, twinkies, yuck! Aidan and I stuck with plain old chocolate ice cream~

All in all the fair was fun. Aidans favorite part was the cars. I could have saved a lot of money by simply taking him to a car lot and letting him look around. lol! We didnt get to see nearly half of what they had there because we got there so late and we spent so much time in the kiddie ride area using those %*#($# tickets. Maybe we will go back one day next week with Clinton after his events are finished and I can get my elephant ride.

Okay- just one last funny story ... Aidan and I were riding in the car this morning. I was talking to him about how blessed we are and should be thankful. He looked really confused and turned to me and said, "mom, we're not tissues!" funny boy. I had to explain what it meant to "be blessed" in terms a nearly three year old could understand and that it didnt mean the same thing as when you say "bless you" when you sneeze.

Riding on the tram to the entrance... " This is like Disneyland!" Animals that I had to MAKE him stand in front of to take his picture. Not Interested.

hmmmm...... I didn't like the animals but let me check out this cool foot massager thing...

Papa would be proud!! A yellow corvette!

The pony rides across from the cars. I attempted to bribe him but he was not interested...

The boats that he rode over, and over, and over...

The car that he rode for about 10 seconds before he started screaming his head off....

He LOVED playing the duckie game! We lost the prize though before we even left the fair.

Happy to ride the carousel!

Once again riding the boats. He decided that he wanted to ride with this little girl instead of riding by himself. They had a BALL together~

I HAD to take a picture.... Chocolate covered bacon and deep fried butter. YUMMO! Not!

if that wasnt enough- deep fried poptarts and twinkies!

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Anonymous said...

Ok Cuz,

1. Don't knock the deep-fried twinkie, until you've had one!! They put the MMM in MMM MMMM GOOD.

2. Seriously - Ride a pony at the fair!!! Have I not taught you better?? I have failed as a horsemom. Please - Bring they boy over here and let's get him familiarized with the VERY LARGE animal through love, and kisses, and cuddles before we attempt to put him on top of the VERY LARGE animal. Of course it was scary!!

3. Oh YEAH!! John David would be SO VERY proud of his boy!!! Just remind him that under the hood is a big engine full of HORSE POWER. LOL ;-}

See you soon!!