Wednesday, September 15, 2010

catch up

Since my last post, we have been busy. Aidan and I went to my moms house in Tennessee for Labor Day, I got to go to the Marshall / WVU game ( don't get me started about that one), Aidan and I came to San Diego and we had Clinton's 41st birthday.

While in Tennesse we went to the best restaurant (although the name is escaping me right now). It was WAY out in the country and it was a beautiful drive. It was REAL country cooking. I think the lady that owns it is Amish or something (but I don't know that for sure). They are only open on the weekends and she only cooks a handful of items each night. You pick 2 meats for the table to share ( We had country ham and country steak) and then they bring you out all the sides they have that day ( I think there were about 8 different ones). It is family style and it is all you can eat. Can I see YUMMO!!! On Labor Day we had lunch at the Marina and Aidan got to watch the fish and boats.

It was an uneventful flight here to San Diego. I am so happy to be here and am glad that Aidan and I are moving back here in a couple of months. We had Rockstar night to celebrate Clintons birthday. Aidan dressed up like lil Elvis and I got hair extensions for the night. So fun!

having fun in the country! being a country boy and watching a cricket...

lunch at the Marina...

This cracks me up. I was getting ready to leave for the football game and was talking to mom in the garage. I turned around to find Aidan sitting in my car with his helmet on and "driving" and I was able to grab my camera. The child realllly wants to be able to drive a real car.

Tailgating at the game with Cara. What an AMAZING game until the last quarter. BLAH!

Marco. MU's mascot.

Marshall band. The football players always do "the walk". They walk from the college to the stadium dressed up in their suits and dress clothes. The band, cheerleaders, state police etc... escort them.

One of the great surprises of the night! I ran into one of my really good friends from high school- David! I haven't seen him since the reunion last year and before that it was years. I really can't help that he is a WVU fan. lol!

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