Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's obvious from the title of this post that we went to Disneyland which means we were NOT busy moving. I was really bummed that we did not get the house . I doubt very seriously that they are going to actually rent the house to ANYONE so we may have our realtor contact them in December because I know (because of their requirements) the house will still be available. Clinton starts an event on Friday and then is going to be out of the country until December. This means that I will have to fly back here after Thanksgiving to find a place and then fly back to WV to move our stuff.

We decided to go to Disney yesterday to take advantage of the remaining family time that we have left until December. It has been HOT here in California. It was 111 degrees the day before we went to Disney. Luckily it was only hot for about an hour or two and then the clouds came in and cooled off the place to make it bearable. There were not many people at all in the park which made it even better! The longest we had to wait to ride anything was 20 minutes. Most rides we got on in less than 5 minutes. It was decorated for Halloween and I LOVED it as I do anything that has to do with fall. There were pumpkins everywhere and lots of beautiful fall decorations in the shops.

The first thing Aidan wanted to do was to "drive the cars". As soon as we got there we headed over to the Autotopia where he got to "drive". We then rode the new "Finding Nemo" submarine ride. When we first got on the submarine we were facing a wall that had "coral" on it ( at least fake Disney type coral). Aidan said, " look- its a cat poop fish!" ( the coral did look a little like cat poop lol!) Everyone sitting around us started cracking up. We got to ride many of the rides throughout the day but didn't even make it to most sections of the park. We spent a lot of time in "Toon town" where Aidan got to meet Mickey Mouse. We got to the parade 30 minutes early and were able to get front row seats and I am so glad we did! Aidan got to participate in the parade and he and I got to dance around in the middle. So much fun! I am always so amazed with the capabilities of Disney! They never disappoint! The show was high energy fun the entire time. Aidan and I plan on going back next week with Jacob and Suzanne and taking the boys to "Mickeys Halloween Party". I am so excited.!!! We also have Oktoberfest, A So Cal Marshall Univeristy game watching event, and an Airshow this weekend. It should be an action packed fun filled weekend! Andrew the Great will be babysitting Aidan tomorrow while Clinton and I have date night! Yay!

Entrance to the park with cute Pumpkin Disney characters.

Aidan and Dad driving the cars. Clinton is holding up Aidans drivers license.

Meeting Buzz Lightyear.

Its a Small World

Its a Small World....

Goofy's Playhouse. Love that smile!

Noshing on Aidans favorite snack- Popcorn!

Goofys Playhouse

Meeting the Chief Mouse

Driving Mickey's car

Driving the fire truck in Toon Town... He could care less that Goofy was standing right behind him. lol!

Flying Dumbo

Monkey Car...

My 2 monkeys!

We bought Aidan a balloon. The string was so long that he was running around with it like a kite.

More pumpkins...

Sitting with some random people he befriended waiting for the parade to start. lol!

Sitting with Mama waiting for the parade to start. Its almost time...

Aidan dancing in the street during the dance party.

The giant pumpkin at night.

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