Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The big four ohhhhh!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I had my 40th birthday!A month or so before my birthday I debated about what to do for it. I started looking at the calendar and realized that Clinton was going to be out of town. boo! I was determined NOT to sit at home alone on my birthday so I called my bff Cara and we decided to meet in Vegas for the big event. My plan was to take a babysitter with us so I could have some time with Aidan and also some grown up time. Clintons trip ended up getting cancelled so he got to come to Vegas after all! It ended up being perfect! I got to spend the weekend with 3 of my favorite people in the world and Clinton and Aidan got to spend a little bit of "guy" time together.

Cara's flight ended up getting delayed due to weather so she didnt get there until Friday night. We spent the night catching up and laughing until we cried. Clinton and I just finished up unloading the last load of the truck at 5ish AM the day we left and I found all of my yearbooks and pictures from college. I decided to bring those with us and it provided some great entertainment. Unbeknownst to me Cara made me an album of our 20 years together as friends for my birthday and it had some of the very same pictures in it!

Saturday Cara and I went for a pedicure while Clinton and Aidan stayed at the condo. While we were getting our pedicures I looked over at Cara and she had this look of well ...discomfort on her face. I had totally forgotten that Cara HATES to have her feet touched! The pedicurist kept slapping her foot and telling her to relax. This led to another fit of laughter!!! I told her that she could have gotten a manicure instead of pedicure, but she just stuck it out. What a trooper and what a FRIEND! lol! We then picked up to the boys and headed to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. Clinton and Aidan then headed to he Harley store and Cara and I headed to the Lion King. The show was AH MAZING! It was so visually stimulating and entertaining! Clinton picked us up after the show and we went home to relax for a little while and I put Aidan to bed. Cara and I then hit the strip for the night and did some gambling and casino hopping.

Sunday we got up and Cara got a massage while I got a facial. We picked up the boys and headed to the Rio for brunch. Wow! that was an experience. I always love the buffet at the Rio and think it is one of the best in Vegas, however, Aidan was tired and cranky and so was everyone else. The 45 minute wait to get seated only added to the hunger and crankiness. However, we left there with full bellies and better attitudes. :) We dropped Clinton off at the condo and then Cara, Aidan and I hit the outlets until closing time. We then went to the strip to run into a couple of stores and to watch the water show at the Bellagio. It was chilly and really windy so I put Aidans wind/rain shield on his stroller. Honestly he looks like a boy in a bubble when I use that thing! We were walking down the strip and of course it was full of people wanting to sell their services/ music/ etc... One guy was pushing his reggae CD. He said "I got Reggae music, I got Reggae music for children in a bubble."- again the laughter ensued. lol! I wasnt that comfortable having Aidan out on the strip after dark so we left right after we watched the water show.

Monday we did a little bit of shopping and dropped off Cara at the airport. It was the PERFECT birthday. :)

On the way to Vegas... Two passed out passengers.
The living room at our condo...

Aidan relaxing in his room at the condo.

Cara enjoying her pedicure. NOT! lol!

lunch at the Hard Rock.

after lunch we saw these two Michael Jackson impersonators and HAD to get our picture taken.

The Lion King....

Gambling the night of my birthday. I am a HUGE gambler!! Ok just kidding. I always quit when I am ahead. I put 5 bucks in the quarter slot machine and got $51.75 back. I thought that was a BIG deal and a pretty good return on my money!

waiting for the show at the Bellagio to start.

see..... boy in a bubble.

watching the water show

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