Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our home

Our house is finally coming together and feeling more and more like a home every day. I can't explain how much I love this area and how happy I am that we moved here! I love this house and hope we stay here for a loooonnnng time. It meets our needs perfectly! While I was taking pictures yesterday of our Valentine fun I shot some of the house to share with you. I took one of the front of the house and blurred out our address to keep the stalkers away ( not that I think in any way we have stalkers but you know this is the Internet and there are crazies out there!) but for some reason it didnt save, so sorry there are no pics of the front. If you REALLY want to see what the front looks like you will have to just come and visit! HA! So let me show you around.....

I took this a couple of weeks ago. This is where we store all of Aidans riding / outside toys. Do you think I could start my OWN preschool with all of those toys????
The living room....

I LOVE all the windows and natural light throughout the house.

view from the front door.

One of my FAV parts of the house. The PANTRY! I have never had one and I LOVE it!

This pic is blurry because I just happened to "catch" Aidan this way and my camera was only a few feet away but I had to be quick! Notice he is standing on paper towels to reach something that he wanted that I put up HIGH so he WOULDNT get to it. My plan backfired. * sigh*

The backyard... On the other side of this fence is a sweet black lab. Aidan likes to "visit" him and then we have to listen to the dog whine the rest of the time we are out there because he wants to play.

another view of the backyard... The small white table beside the fountain is Aidans craft table.

Aidan spends a lot of time playing out there....

When he is not outside you can most likely find him here in his playroom!

This is most of the downstairs- There is also a family room off the kitchen, a bathroom, laundry room , and of course the garage. I didnt take any pics of the upstairs yet. Maybe I will share more later.

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