Sunday, February 20, 2011

First day of Preschool

Last week was Aidans first week of preschool. He absolutely loved it. He went for the "discovery day" the previous week and had such a fun time! On Monday when I told him that he had school the next day he said, "you mean I get to go back!?". lol~ He thought it was a one time deal and was so excited when he realized he gets to go every week. He was sooooo excited as a matter of fact that he decided to walk himself to school the first day! I mentioned to him before that the school was so close that we might walk there occasionally. I guess he took that to heart. I took these pics below right before we were getting ready to leave. I took the pictures and then ran into the house to grab his lunch , his jacket, his nap stuff, extra change of clothes, etc... It was all ready to go so I was in and out in a minute. When I came back out I found Aidan walking down the sidewalk with his backpack on his back. When I yelled out to him he said. " Mom, I can walk to school all by MYSELF". Little Mr. Confidence thought he was going to walk a mile to school all by himself. I couldn't believe it. I have to watch that boy like a hawk!

When I went to pick him up his teacher Mrs. Thomas said that he had a great day.

Here are the pics taken just before he decided to walk to school....

This was him 5 minutes after we arrived. He gets to play outside for the first 20 minutes after he gets there. Aidan loves riding the yellow bike the best~

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