Monday, May 16, 2011

camping out

For awhile now we have wanted to take Aidan camping. We are not huge campers ( I think Clinton and I have gone twice in the 9 years we have been married) but I thought it would be something fun for Aidan and make for some good family time. For the longest time we couldn't find our camping gear because it was either in storage or "organized" by an overzealous organizer and we didn't know what happened to it ( I will never let someone else "organize" my personal belongings again- it just makes for lots of lost stuff). When we moved to the new house we found all of our "lost stuff" and our camping gear! We wanted to do a trial run in the backyard just to see how Aidan would do, so that's what we did this weekend.

We grilled hot dogs on our grill and played games in the backyard. We roasted marshmallows on our fire pit and made smores. When it was time to go to bed Aidan told me "no girls allowed mom", so I made my way to the house got his milk and a few books for Clinton to read to him and told him goodnight. I was actually HAPPY to sleep in my own bed and even happier that Aidan and Clinton would have daddy/son time together. It lasted all about 10 minutes. Aidan decided that he was cold and wanted to sleep in his bed. lol! He hands, face, and feet got so dirty in the backyard that I HAD to give him a bath. The whole "get dirty" thing is another reason we haven't been camping more. I am not a big fan of dirt and especially going to bed dirty. I guess maybe Aidan is NOT going to be a camper either and the only camping the Swaines will be doing is in the backyard. lol! Even if we didn't get to actually "camp" our "camping experience" was fun and we will probably do it again. :0)

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Wendy said...

I think we bought the same fire pit last year when we camped in the backyard. Even though we had the air soon as the boys fell asleep I snuck back into my own bad. Shhhhh!!