Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just a little update...

There are so many things that Aidan says and does everyday that I want to remember. He keeps me in stiches all the time. Some I have posted on facebook but I want to post them here too, so I can remember! Here are some of them....

- On Mothers Day I asked Aidan to come upstairs so we could call my mom. His reply was " mom you know I am apprahansive ( apprehensive) about talking on the phone" lol! He really hates talking on the phone.

- yesterday we walked outside to get in the car. He looks up in the sky and said " No clouds, No problem!"

- I told him the other day "Aidan you are my sweet little prince" and he replied " Mom you are my sweet queen". lol!

- yesterday he kept talking about "New Mexican" food ( Mexican food).

- He calls the gym that I have been going to " 42 hour fitness" ( 24 hour fitness)

- He still says ambubalance for ambulance.

- He confuses they and them ie. last night he was playing with some kids and he said " I am going to chase they"

This has been a really busy time of year for us. Aidan is still in school 2 days a week and will be until the end of June. We are taking July and August off to travel and then he will begin again at his current school in September. He absolutely LOVES school and is really thriving there. He would go every day if we would send him. :) He is also still in soccer one day a week. He is enjoying it and finishes up in a couple of weeks.

We start Physical Therapy next week. He was supposed to start a few weeks ago but his therapist had to go on leave. He will go once a week for a month and then we will reevaluate the frequency. I really think soccer is helping him some with his balance and coordination. I have ordered a writing program to start working with him on his fine motor skills. It is one that I used when I was a teacher only the preschool version. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this program. It was developed by an occupational therapist and used by them every where. It really teaches kids how to have nice printing and helps kids with fine motor issues.

Aidan is really becoming a READER! I found a box of high frequency words from my teaching days. These are 250 words on cards that first graders are expected to know by the end of the year- words like my, some, would, could, the, first, etc.. color words and number words are also included. Just for the fun of it I decided to see if Aidan knew any of them. To my surprise he could already read about 90 of them! My goal is to have him reading them all by the time he starts Kindergarten. Next year I am sending him to preschool 2 days a week and then will also be doing a modified homeschooling program with him using the writing program and working on reading as well as some math. I will then have to decide whether to send him to our PEPP program ( 2 year Kindergarten ) or to send him to full time Kindergarten. I keep going back and forth on this issue but I still have a lot of time before I have to figure that one out. :) I have decided for now NOT to go back to work and spend the additional time with Aidan and getting ALL of his skills where they need to be. :)


suebell said...

hey girl love the pic. trying to post my comments

suebell said...

u r a great mom love suebell

Anonymous said...

YEA!! Travelling in July and August!! I MISS THAT BOY!! -Cara