Friday, May 20, 2011

Padres game

We were on our way to dinner last night when we got a phone call from our new friend James asking if we wanted to go to the Padres Game because he had a couple of extra tickets. It was short notice but we decided to go ahead and join him. I have been wanting to to go to a game for awhile now. I wanted to go when my mom was here but she really isn't into doing things like that so I was really happy when James called us. Aidan just happened to already have his Padres jersey on so we knew we had to go . James has a son Gabriel who is a couple of months younger than Aidan and the boys have a ball together! It wasn't the most exciting of games as it was tied up 0 to 0 until the bottom of the 9th when the Padres finally scored a run and won the game! It didn't matter if it was an exciting game or not, the boys had a great time playing together on the bleachers and running around. The adults had a great time too! :0)

Are they not the cutest? I just want to eat them both up.
Holding hands walking to the game. :)

running around before walking into the game. It is VERY hard to get a good pic of these two as they hardly stop moving!

James, Gabriel, Clinto, and Aidan- an AWFUL shot I know.

PETCO park

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