Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lions, coasters, and swords oh my!

We have had a really busy and fun couple of days. I think it finally caught up with both Aidan and I today. After church today I took a long nap and Aidan slept for 4 1/2 hours! We were both pretty wiped and I think I am fighting off some type of sickness.

On Friday we had a meetup with the Moms and Munchkins group we belong to at the San Diego Zoo. We got to go in before the zoo opened and they took us on a little bus tour. The theme was "Lions are mammals and so am I". We had 2 employees of the zoo all to ourselves! They talked all about mammals on the tour and then took us to see the lions. What a treat! We got to watch them feed the Lions and got a really up close view of them! You would think that they would feed the huge creatures using a stick or something, but nope- they hand feed them and just stick the raw meat right into their mouths! I never had much of an appreciation of the large cats until Friday, but man are the GORGEOUS up close! After watching them feed, the kids got more education about mammals and a story about lions read to them. They then got up and got to "dance their wiggles out". I posted the video on Facebook so if you are friends with me then you will have to check it out. :), What a fun day! Next month they are doing the same thing only they are focusing on Gorillas ( my fav to watch!). I hope we get to go!

Yesterday Aidan, Clinton, and I went to Legoland. I was so glad Clinton got to go this time- we had a ball! Aidan rode his first big rollercoaster and I think it scared him a little. He really wanted to ride it and both Clinton and I attempted to talk him out of it the whole time we were waiting in line. He just met the height minimum requirement (and he was supposed to be 4 but we figured he was close enough since he will be 4 in a couple of months). I was afraid it was going to be to much for him, but he didn't cry. Yesterday he said he liked it but today he said it was to fast. So the jury is still out.

Aidan and his buddy Evan on the bus at the zoo.
The male lion licking the fence clean after his feeding.

The zoo worker feeding the female....

Isnt he gorgeous?

Relaxing after their meal...

This is what the boys were doing while the moms were entranced with the lions. lol! They really weren't that interested and were more interested in climbing. Boys will be boys.

Listening to the story...

One of the things I LOVE about Legoland is they have Legos to entertain the kids while the adults stand in line waiting to get on the rides. GENIUS!!

Aidan at the Dino Dig...

Dad and Aidan working intensely to uncover the fossils. lol!

We didnt get to play IN the water this time because it was to chilly but Aidan did get to shoot some water. :)

Aidans new sword and shield. Doesn't EVERY little boy need one?

Aidans favorite ride of the day- "The jousting horses"

The Roller Coaster Aidan rode! I still can't believe he did it!

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