Thursday, July 26, 2012


How lucky am I to have this little boy call me mom?  Tonight I gave my 4 year old a hug and a kiss for the last time because tomorrow he will be 5! He is such a blessing in my life that I can't remember life without him but there are also days that I sit back in awe that he is really mine! He has such a tender and loving heart and such a funny sense of humor. He is thoughtful, loving, and giving. I don't think he ever went through a "no it is mine!" phase that most kids experience.He finds joy in sharing and loves to do it! He is compassionate and thinks of others often. He is creative and often marches to the beat of his own drummer which is part of what makes him so special.  My prayer for him is that he grows up as beautiful in the inside as the outside. I know that along the way he will lose his magical innocence that he currently possesses as his heart will become bruised as he realizes the ways of the world. My prayer is that he grows up loving Jesus and learns to hand his burdens over to Him. My hope is that he grows up loving others and takes a stand for what is right and just. He of course is still learning right from wrong (as we all are) but my hope is that he grows up not afraid to make mistakes while taking responsibility and ownership of his actions. My hope is that he grows up to be a man of great character. Right now I am just enjoying him being a little boy with a tender and innocent heart, with a thirst for knowledge, who likes to do things his own "aidan" way. Happy Birthday my sweet precious gift from God!


Helen said...

what a sweet boy! thanks for letting us share his big day!

Anonymous said...

I pray for the same thing for him.