Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vacation part 2

The second part of vacation involved time at my moms house. We actually spent one night in Gatlinburg but the rest of the time we were at my moms. I got to visit with my aunts, uncle, and friends. It was such a great visit. I really like Tennessee and West Virginia. It was very GREEN there. It stormed just about every day but we had enough indoor activities to keep us busy so it wasn't a problem. One of the things I really wanted to do with Aidan (that is on our bucket list) was to catch lightening bugs. We don't have lightening bugs in California ( nor mosquitoes but that is a WHOLE different story). I can remember catching them when I was little and putting them in a jar with grass and holes cut out of the top. It was a magical part of summer. I don't know if it was because of the rain but there weren't many out this summer. Aidan was able to see a few but we weren't able to catch any. :( 

There were so many things that we did that I didn't get pictures of but here are a few pics....

Aidan swimming at the pool at our hotel in Gatlinburg. He got to do a lot of swimming while we were away.
 I bought him this water squirter and he loved it.
 dinner in Gatlinburg.
 playing some miniature golf
 It rained while we were in Gatlinburg so my mom bought aidan this poncho. lol
 Sparklers! Another thing on the bucket list. Thanks Mimi!

 Sitting in the back of my uncles pick up truck. Doesn't he look like a country boy?
 Aidan has been BEGGING for a remote control airplane for about a year now. I won't buy him one because I feel like he is to little for one and can't handle one responsibly. My uncle shows up with a gift in hand for Aidan. What was it? A remote control helicopter! Aidan was in heaven. I think it was his favorite birthday gift. Thanks Uncle David.

 Playing at Mimi's park. Our favorite park of all time.

 I think Aidan is scratching a mosquito bite in this one. I got eaten alive by them! I had a dozen on my legs before we had even been there 24 hours. I DETEST mosquitoes!
 This is probably my favorite pic I took while we were away. I used the zoom lens and he didn't know I was taking his picture. Finally! A natural smile! ( although the one with the helicopter is natural also- I don't think I could have kept him from smiling.) :)

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