Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vacation Part 1 Trip to WV

Aidan and I just got back from vacation. There are so many pics that I broke them up into our trip to West Virginia and trip to Tennessee. First we flew into Tennessee for 1 day and then Aidan, my mom and myself drove to West Virginia. The main reason for the visit was for Cara's 40th birthday. My mom went along to baby sit Aidan so I could have some adult time with friends. It was an awesome visit and I got to see dear friends. :)

Sheri ( Weston's mom), myself, and Cara at her birthday dinner. We were room mates 18 years ago! holy moly where does the time go? We only get to see each other once or twice a year but when we are together it is like it was 18 years ago.
 Lauren ( Sheri's daughter, Jacob, and Aidan) playing in the hotel room during a storm. We were all at the pool when the skies opened up. West Virginia has been getting pelted by storms this summer. When we were there some people had been without power for over a week. There were some people staying at our hotel that worked for power companies in other states. We passed about 20 power trucks while driving through Tennessee that were from Texas! They were headed back home.
 We all went to dinner after the storm was over. That is Jacob and Suzanne. They are our West Virgina/ So.Cal/ West Virginia friends. lol. We sure do miss them since they moved back to West Virginia.
 aww... sweet friends.
 Cara and I decided to do some photos around the city and on Campus.

 This is the memorial fountain at Marshall University. Each point on the fountain represents someone who died in the tragic plane crash.

 On Campus. See the building in the back? This is now an administration building but was my grandmothers dorm when she went to school here.

 goofing off in the bookstore. Go Herd!
 There is a little drive in that I HAVE to go to every time I go to Huntington. We were waiting on our food and decided to do a self portrait.
 dinner with more college buddies.

On the way back to Tennessee we stopped to see a cousin on my dad's side of the family but I forgot to take a picture. I sure do love visiting West Virginia. The mountains will always be "home" to me. :)

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