Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jacob Turns One

This sweet baby boy shares the same birthday as me - Jan. 29th. His mom Suzanne had a party for him yesterday. It was lots of fun and there were lots of kiddos there. Jacob was an early walker and is now walking / running everywhere! Aidan is the same age now that Jacob was when Aidan was born. I can't imagine chasing after Aidan in just 6 short months! They just grow up to quickly. Catch me if you can!

Silly mommy forgot the stroller at home. Jacob was nice enough to lend us his while we were there. Jacob's mom says that it is now his torture chamber and he no longer likes to sit in it - so Aidan took advantage of it.

This beautiful little Punkin' is Jocelyn and I think Aidan's future girlfriend! Check out that smile and those curls!

Aidan and Jocelyn just hangin'.

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Anonymous said...

OK, enough talk about Aiden's 1/2 Birthday, Jacob's Birthday, Kelly's Birthday and not to mention you didn't tell us when's Jocelyn's Birthday. WHERE is Anabelle?!?!?

And the whole, "I'll be 40 in three years" mess. YEAH, about that - come see me when you really do turn 40. GOOD TIMES!!!

See you later cuz,