Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Boys Rule!

When Clinton and I first started this adoption journey I was sure I wanted to adopt a baby girl. I had a vision in my head of frilly dresses and bows out the ying yang. I know I am stereotyping girls and not all girls like wearing dresses and bows but that is just what I pictured in my head. I didn't even think twice about having a boy, it just always seemed natural for me to have a girl. What exactly would I do with a boy? I didn't have the faintest idea how I would relate to a boy.

I have come to realize that there is something very special about a mother and son bond. I think it has to do with that whole "mama's boy" thing. Just like there is "Daddies little girl" there is
"Mama's boy". I absolutely love having a baby boy. I now couldn't imagine it any other way. There is just something so special about having a boy that I can not articulate. I still would like to have my baby girl one day, but I honestly think I would like another boy first! Someone that Aidan could play with and enjoy growing up alongside. It is my experience that same sex siblings seem to get along better than siblings of different sexes. I think they just have more in common. However, this is the opinion of someone who is an only child - so what do I really know? There is another part of me that really can't imagine having any more children. I can't imagine taking any time or attention away from Aidan ( I guess this is the only child in me speaking). I am a true believer that what is meant to happen will happen. So whether it be one child, two, or three only God knows.

Now here is some Aidan cuteness. I just happened to grab my camera at the right time and caught him cracking up.


Anonymous said...

How cute!!! He is getting so big! Well, I guess he's always been big, huh? By the way... can you fit any more attachments and gadgets on that saucer???!!! -Cara

Anonymous said...

LOL, Cara said the same thing I was going to say. Aidan is adorable. Hope to meet him some day!