Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nana is here, visit w/ the social worker, Aidan hits the catwalk!

Mom made it safe and sound yesterday. When she first got in the car Aidan cried and turned his head to ignore her. I think he is starting to have a little stranger anxiety. After a few minutes he warmed right up to her and all was right in the world. We went to have a lunch/dinner and went to Target. He was a great shopper as usual.

Our Social Worker came for a home visit this morning. It went well and we are almost finished with the adoption process. Yeah! She has to write her report, submit it to her supervisor and then they submit it to the court and our attorney. Our attorney then lets us know when our court date will be. It will take a couple of weeks to write the report, but it looks like we are on target to be complete with Aidan's adoption by the time we move April 30th. I will be soooo happy when everything is finalized!!!

On a different note we were in Nordstroms the other day. The sales lady asked if I would be interested in Aidan being in a fashion show for Nordstroms. How fun! He has to go in on March 9th for his "fitting" and will be walking ( or rather will be carried) down the catwalk on March 15th. My son the model! I am teaching him how to do "Magnum" ( from Zoolander) but he says he is working on his own look. Tee Hee. Jacob and Suzanne will also be joining in on the fun!

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Anonymous said...

Aiden is such a little trend setter. You should have Annabelle walk with you and Aiden.

Glad thing with Social Worker are progressing nicely.

See you later cuz.