Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a great Easter! We had a great one. The Easter Bunny stopped by our house and visited Aidan and Annabelle. I am happy to report that we attended a church today that I really liked and is 5 minutes from our house. The best part is that they allow babies in the sanctuary! Yeah! I am in the process of making Easter dinner, so this is going to be short. Here are some pics from today... The Easter Bunny visited Aidan. The best was his Pooh Easter basket that says babies first easter ( wearing bunny ears ) and his train.

The Easter Bunny could not forget Miss Major Diva Annabelle.
Hangin out with dad. You can see Annabelle got a haircut and is sporting her purple Easter bows.

After church this morning

The mysterious Nana. Suzanne also got a shot of her the other day that I still need to post.

Aidan also received this Easter Basket from Cara. Thanks Aunt Cara! I have been getting this Easter Card from Cara for years now.

Aidans sippy cup from Aunt Cara with his name on it.

This picture is for Cara. Here is the Easter Bunny cake I made. Isn't it pretty?

Just Kidding. Here is the REAL cake I made. I know -don't laugh. It is only the second cake I have made in my lifetime.


muminlaw said...

Hey Kelley! Well done with cake number 2. I believe you went to the Mariners Church and it was OK.
What a shame you will be leaving the area soon.
Aidan is looking so big now that he is sitting up on his own.
Does Annabelle like her new bed?

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. I cannot stop laughing at cake #2. I was looking at cake #1 and thinking "there's no way she made something that looks like that!!!"... then I scrolled down and about peed myself!! It's the Easter Lion!! -Cara

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelley!! Cara just me called at 2:30PM and she still laughing. She had to get off the phone so she could go pee. You should have never told Cara about the cake. Now it will be a national debut soon. Also, I do have to agree with her that it does look like a Easter Lion. But, we have never seen one that she has baked. Next time you come in we will have to have a bake-a-cake contest. Miss you lots!!!! Love Sheri

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the Easter card. Aidan is so handsome. I cannot believe how big he is now. They grow so fast. He looks so happy. Call me soon. Sheri