Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Big Day for Aidan

Yesterday was a big day for Aidan. He said the word bye, waved bye bye for the first time and decided to crawl. I was in the process of taking a picture of him for Helen when he decided to crawl. Aidan is wearing a special pair of pajamas. Helen bought many pairs several years ago while she was in Singapore. All 7 of Aidans cousins in Australia have owned a pair. She just happened to have one pair left and wasn't sure what to do with them- of course until Mr. A came along! Anyway, I was in the process of taking his picture to send to her when he took off. I got these couple of pictures but was not quick enough to get it on video. Until this point Aidan has been doing the "military crawl". He gets on his stomach and crawls around on his elbows. We were beginning to wonder if this would just be his version of crawling. He crawled again tonight while Clinton and I were at the beach with friends. My mom was babysitting him and she said he crawled across the living room floor. He is fascinated with her shoes and was attempting to get them as she kept backing up.

Aidan now says the words mama ( mum, mum ,mum or mom- depending on what kind of mood he is in), Hi, Ba ( for bottle), and bye. Mama, I am out of here! I am tired of you pointing that thing at me all the time.
catch me if you can!

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