Friday, March 14, 2008

OOPS Whale watching and Luau

I am not sure what happened. Somehow I posted the pictures of the whale watching and luau before I could actually make the post. I think I need to stop blogging in the middle of the night when I am up with Aidan.

Anyway.... Clinton was working basically the entire time we were in Hawaii. He was speaking at Christopher Howards Billionaire Bootcamp and networking the remainder of the time. We did get to spend the first couple of days together. We went whale watching ( one of my favorite things to do!) while mom babysat Aidan. There were whales everywhere! We saw a baby and its mama. The baby came close to the boat but the mama herded it away.

Mom and I spent the rest of the time together with Aidan. We stayed around the hotel most of the time but did go into Lahaina to go shopping. While we were there ,I bought Clinton and I matching clothes to wear at the Luau we attended the last night we were there. We were literally sitting right on top of the stage. Aidan was mesmerized. He and daddy very much enjoyed watching the Hula girls. You can see the picture of Aidan with wide eyes watching the fire dancers. There were parts that I thought he would be scared, but he enjoyed the entire show.

Flying home was very easy. Mom and I had an empty seat between us and Clinton sat behind me. Aidan got to stretch out and slept 2 of the 5 hour plane trip. We did run into a little drama ( as we always seem to do - at least experience a little drama whenever we travel) when we landed and Clintons battery was dead in his car. We had so much luggage that we had to take 2 cars to the airport. On the way home I had to stuff all of the luggage, myself, mom, Aidan and his carseat and his big ole stroller all in my car. It was a very tight fit but we managed. Clinton was able to later get his car fixed and we arrived home around midnight.

I am glad to be home. We are taking Aidan to have his picture made with the Easter Bunny later this afternoon and he has his fashion show tomorrow at Nordies. Stay tuned for pictures...

I also goofed when I posted the montage last night ( another middle of the night post). It showed up very tiny. However, if you click on the picture it becomes big and you can watch the montage.

Have a great weekend!

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Suzanne said...

Love the Hawaii pictures! You guys look so great. Aidan is a crack-up with some of his expressions. I can't believe how big he's getting, so grown up already - ha!
We'll see you guys tomorrow for our boys' fashion show!