Monday, March 17, 2008

Fashion show at Nordies and kicked out of church!

Aidan and Jacob were in the fashion show at Nordstroms on Saturday. We started the day very early but had a good time. When Aidan went in earlier in the week for his fitting we picked out these Khaki shorts, light blue shirt, dark blue sweater vest, and the cutest pair of penny loafers. I love the shorts because they come below the knee.Jacob ended up sporting swim wear and was a doll baby. We got 15% off on that day for being in the show so I ended up purchasing the entire outfit as well as a cute Hurley outfit. I will use the outfit as his Easter outfit.

Speaking of Easter, mom and I went to church last night. I have not been in a long time. We went several times when Helen was here. Clinton is always working on Sundays and I have not been brave enough to take Aidan on my own or leave him in the nursery. When Aidan was an infant he would just sleep through the entire service. To my surprise they would not let us in last night! I was so peeved. They said no children under 5 were allowed in the service. I explained that we had been in the service several times before. The lady did not care. We were stuck sitting in a little area outside of the sanctuary, by open doors while there was a downpour outside! It was freezing! Aidan was an angel and I bet better behaved than many 5 year olds! This is the first thing that has disappointed me about Saddleback church! I am not sure what I am going to do about attending church now. We will probably go someplace different for Easter. I am just not ready to let him stay in the nursery yet. I have only left him with friends the one time. There is no way I am going to leave him with strangers! Oh well, I will have to find a new church when we move to San Diego anyway. It is a shame because I love Saddleback and Rick Warrens messages. I just became a member of the church in the fall and I was even considering making the drive from San Diego to attend. I guess I am meant to worship somewhere else.
Aidan on "the catwalk". I ended up carrying him down. We were the second ones in the show. Mom was not in a good position to take pictures so this is the only one we got of us actually in the show.

sweet Jacob

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Anonymous said...

OMG... I love the outfit!!!! He is getting so big! And that church sucks (sorry Jesus). -Cara