Sunday, June 1, 2008

Meet Sparky

Meet Sparky. One of the characters Clinton has while teaching is Preston Thepedal. Preston teaches about systems ( if you have ever watched a NASCAR race you know that the pit crews are masters at systems!). The game has a NASCAR theme and is called Pedal to the Metal. Clinton plays NASCAR footage on a big screen while the game is being played and the crew is all dressed in their NASCAR attire. The game is very exciting and gets very competitive. The skills the students learn assist them in building systems in their businesses.

Clinton decided to order Aidan a NASCAR outfit that matches his - soooo cute! Aidans stage name will be Sparky ( the son of Preston). He will be making his debut next weekend at the LA Convention Center in front of 200+ people. Clinton always brings Aidan on stage and he loves all the attention!

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Anonymous said...

What happened to "Autrailian Stomper"?!?! Oh, sorry, that going to be his professional wrestler name. Since Grandads favorite racer was Richard Petty, shouldn't Aidan racer name be "Ricky Sparky"? Like "Ricky Bobby" only with a brain.

See ya soon cuz,