Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Aidans tree

We are getting ready to head over to San Diego to spend the holidays with Clinton. I wanted Aidan to have a tree here at our house in WV so I bought him a little 4 foot tree that I will put in his room when he gets a little older. I let him decorate it himself and I had the most fun watching him! As you can see from the video he chose to put all the decorations in one little lump. Last night I saw him out of the corner of my eye messing with the tree. He exclaimed "I did it!" I didnt realize what he was talking about until after I put him to bed and I saw that he put Annabelle's dog brush on the tree! LOL! I bought a new one for her and it still had the tag on it. Aidan felt it made a fine addition to his tree. I am looking forward to getting to San Diego so we can decorate our real tree as a family. We are both looking forward to spending some quality time with daddy this holiday season!

I would appreciate it if you could please pray for my friend Sheri and her family. She gave birth to her son Weston yesterday. He is not doing well and is in the NICU. They are not quite sure what is wrong with him yet but are suspicious of some type of syndrome. His skull is fused together so most likely he will have to have surgery in the near future to allow room for his little brain to grow. I have the pleasure of watching her daugher Lauren tomorrow. I have bought a Gingerbread house for us to assemble. Should be interesting.....

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