Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Boat Parade

The other night Clinton, Aidan, and I went to Seaport Villlage to have dinner and watch San Diego's boat parade. Seaport Village is normally a very quiet place with not many people but on this night it was a mad house. We ended up parking about a mile away but the walk wasnt that bad. It was a nice evening so we actually enjoyed it. We ended up grabbing some Mexican food to go and some ice cream. By the time we ate it was time for the parade. This years theme was "Christmas at the Zoo". There were some pretty amazing boats and the pictures do not do them justice. The boats would float by and most of them were packed with people and were playing Christmas music. There were boats of all types- motorboats big and small, sailboats, pontoons, and even kayaks. Some of the boaters were getting a little rowdy and doing doughnuts and driving ( sailing?) a little reckless ( I didnt realize that sailboats could even DO doughnuts). This kind of concerned me. Sure enough we saw one of the giant sailboats get hung up in a sand bar. Even worse we learned the next day that there was an 8 year old boy one of the boats that was killed when another boat slammed into them. Such a tragedy especially this time of year.

Mama and Aidan being silly....

more silliness....

Cant you tell by looking at Aidans face that the ICE CREAM was his favorite part of the evening. He kept insisting "I do it myself" so I let him go for it. Here are the results.LOL! Miraculously he didnt spill a drop on his clothes but his jacket needs a good wash.

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